Recreational Curling? Why Does It Matter?

Let’s talk about curling as a recreational sport, how it would serve the community, and why it matters. My husband and I as empty nesters were looking for something active we could do as a couple. Something that would get us up off the couch, away from the TV, but didn’t require us to go to a fitness boot camp first. (Fitness boot camp? No, I need baby steps!) 

learn to curl derek king
Learn to Curl classes are available most weekends at the OC Curling Club

Stumbling upon a Learn to Curl class at the Orange County Curling Club was the answer! It didn’t require a lot of equipment, (they provided it free!), it didn’t require a lot of athletic ability, and once we really understood the strategy element of the game, we realized that it was intellectually stimulating as well as a great physical workout, to the extent that we wanted it to be. It’s a rare sport that can serve the needs of so much of any community, but we’d found it! Young, old, athletic, couch potatoes, able bodied and disabled alike, this is a fun sport anyone can play.  Not everyone can play it WELL, and that is part of why this versatile, quirky sport is so important to any community. Those who choose to really work at it, to get physically fit and study strategy, can find a pathway to the elite levels of curling, perhaps even to the olympics, as it is now an olympic sport.

fenson action shot
Pete Fenson, Olympic curling bronze medalist for USA (Italy, 2006)

I said all that to say this: to best serve the needs of the recreational curling community, we need a dedicated ice facility. To be able to run Learn To Curl clinics and leagues that are conveniently scheduled to meet the needs of Orange County citizens and the surrounding areas, we need to have our own space. Senior curlers should be able to curl in the morning, if that suits them. An after school program might be just the ticket for junior curlers; a place to be until it’s time for dinner and homework. People who work during the day might prefer an early evening league that would provide a nice outlet for the stress of their day, while getting them up and off the couch. Bringing the fitness level of any community up, getting citizens of all ages up and moving and engaged; having fun being active, that’s important.  In order to provide that for our community through curling, we must have a dedicated ice facility. 

So there ’tis. Recreational curling matters. We realize we aren’t going to change the world with this sport, but it’s a valuable cause nonetheless, and it serves the community in a valuable way.  As a 501C3 charitable organization, you will be issued a tax deductible receipt for your donation. Please consider the Orange County Curling Club Dedicated Ice Campaign when planning your charitable giving for the year.

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