A Juniors Curling Program, Why it Matters.

junior ladies
Team USA 2016, Ladies Juniors, Silver medalists at the World Curling Championships in Switzerland!

When we speak about a curling club having a “Juniors Program”, we are referring to a program specifically designed for both boys and girls 21 and under.  Curling is a non contact sport where girls can compete pretty much on the same level as the guys. A juniors curling program serves the youth of any community in many ways. For example, not only does a juniors program introduce kids to a physical activity and a sport they can play for a long time,  but it provides a venue so that young curlers can play in an organized league. Also, for those kids who want to take it further, a juniors program can polish their curling skills and give them a competitive track to follow. All this while giving them a social and safe outlet for their energies while they learn about teamwork and all the benefits that playing a sport can provide. I don’t want to say “it keeps them off the streets,” but it keeps them off the streets!

Team USA 2016, Junior men’s, silver medalists at the World Junior Curling Championship in Switzerland.

The US Curling Association has a great high performance program for those competitive junior curlers who want to play on the national and world stage. This year’s junior men’s and ladies teams won silver medals at the World Juniors in Switzerland.  The future of competitive curling in America is very bright, and it begins with getting kids involved in the sport early on.  We would love to start nurturing that kind of talent here on the west coast! USA! USA!


We all want the best for our kids and getting them involved in a sport, any sport, teaches them so many valuable things, while giving them a place to socialize, to bond, to learn about teamwork, to get in shape or keep in shape. We want this for the youth of our community and will be able to provide it if we have a dedicated curling facility that has after school and weekend practice and game times that can suit their schedules. Please help us achieve that goal by donating to our dedicated ice fund. We are a 501C3 charitable organization and will issue a receipt for any donation you make.  Click here for more details or to donate

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