Why Should I Care?

Now that the fundraising campaign to get a dedicated ice club in Orange County has begun, our club members have been opening up their wallets and have been very generous with their time, their talents, and their money. We have a good foundation from which to launch our new curling home building efforts, but construction, is going to be long and costly project. We WILL get there though, and this is where we start. There are some people who might pose the question “Why should I care?”. Why should I care about some other club getting a dedicated facility when (insert your own words here) or pick some of mine: 1. Our own club has its own financial issues 2. There are people with worse problems in the world 3. My money would be better spent elsewhere. Anything you chose to insert in that space is a valid concern, but you can say that about pretty much any fundraising effort, no matter how noble. There will ALWAYS be more “important” things in the world to fix, people to help etc. But if pro or amateur sports matter, and they do for many valid reasons, then curling matters. We want to bring curling, our quirky and quickly growing ice sport, to the masses. We want to build a centrally located, full time, fully accessible, proper curling facility where we can build curling leagues that will benefit entire communities here in the Southland.

This is to introduce a series of blogs that is designed to answer that very question: Why should I as a curler care about dedicated ice in Orange County? As the series progresses, I will speak to the unique and myriad needs of the various sub sections within the curling world. I will address the needs of recreational curlers vs competitive curlers and why they should both care about having a dedicated ice facility. I will speak to the benefits of such a facility to help build a juniors curling program, as well as seniors curling program, why that matters and why we as should care about it. Finally, and most importantly, why should the communities in the Southland care at all? Both curlers and non-curlers, how does a dedicated ice facility benefit the community at large? Why should they care?

I will answer all those questions with my blog series, so bookmark this page and come back and visit often. All we ask is that your consider our project when you are thinking about your charitable giving. (We are a 501C3 organization and can issue tax deductible receipts.) If monetary donations aren’t within your means right now, we would be deeply appreciative of any donations of your time or talents as well. The construction of a dedicated curling facility in Orange County is going to open up a whole new world of possibility to folks who want to get up off the couch and have some fun, to athletes who want to challenge themselves in a new sport, to kids who need a safe place to be and to play, to couples or families who just want something active that they can do together. We are going to ROCK THE HOUSE, people! Please consider donating today at:  http://dedicatedice.occurling.com/?give_forms=donate

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